About Us

Choco centre is the wholesale shop for complete range of cake, chocolate & Soap raw material.

In chocolates we have


 Compounds- Morde, Cacao Ivory, Vanleer,Barry Callebaut couvertures, Carat Premium, choco mate, Dukes

 Wrapping paper- gloss (sizes 3.5 x 5" & 7 x 10") , Matt (embossed), Imported emboss, corrugated, printed, dotted, stripes, burberry print, LV print wrappers, toffee wrappers, rainbow paper

 Moulds- PVC , silicon molds, polycarbonate molds, magnetic molds, 3-D mold, Hollow molds, molds with transfer sheets

 Fillings- butterscotch nuts, rice crispies, hazelnut kernels, jelly tutti frutti, hazelnut paste, fruit gels- kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, mango, orange, caramel paste, coffee filling, truffle paste, coconut paste, butter scotch paste, dark paste, milk paste, chocolate chips, bluberry filling with fruit pieces, rasberry filling with fruit n strawberry filling with fruit

 Essence- Aniseed,almond, apple, banana,black currant, butterscotch, brandy,  cashewnut,Crackle, Cinnamon, coffee, caramel,cardamom, chilli,coconut,Cherry, Dry Grapes, green apple, Gulkandh, gin, Ginger,Guava,Honey, hazelnut, kewra, khus, litchi, Lemon, mint,mix fruit, mango,orange, pineapple,  paan,  rose, Rasberry, rum,strawberry,  saffron,  vanilla,  vodka,whisky

Stickers of Chocolate Flavour Names - Fruit n Nut, Liquor, vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry, pineapple, orange, mango, apple, banana, paan, black currant,  rum, whisky, gin, vodka, almond, Almond Rocks, Roasted almond,cashewnut, rose, khus, saffron, mint, cardamom, coconut, hazelnut, rose, mix fruit, coffee, caramel, green apple, litchi, chilli, Gulkandh, Cherry, Dry Grapes, Crackle, Cinnamon, blueberry, kiwi, dark, milk, walnuts, dates, aniseed, honey, ginger, Logos of liquor

 Gift packs - gift pouches, gift boxes, trays, mita pvc boxes, paper boxes, cardboard boxes, greeting box, baskets, grass, lolly pop blisters, sms packs, mdf boxes,golden cavities, lids,  lolly pop sticks

 Other items- Transfer sheets, spread sheet, structure sheet, spatula, dippig fork, ferero rocher shells, lolly sticks, transparent covers for lolly pops, grass for decoration, 96 pc cavities for boxes in golden, copper and silver, stickers of chocolate flavours, (we also make customised boxes), chocolate colors

 In Cakes we have-

Cake utensils, cream suction pump, transfer sheet side rolls for cake, transfersheets for cake top, edible stars -& heart for decoration, edible metallic colors n Sprays, caramel, dragees- silver star, balls, oval shapes, fancy strands for decoration,  essence, colors, cream, fina gel, fruit gels, neutral glaze, chocolate glaze, palette knife, cutting knife, bent knife, dough nut cutters, Cake Divider, nozzles, premix powder- (vanilla, Chocolate, Red velvet CAke, Dough nut, Focacia Bread , Brownie)concentrate powder, coco powder, cake board, turn table, disposable piping bags,silicon pastry bags, canvas bags, cake boxes in pvc & cardboard, silicon molds, cutters, icing comb, tong, cake stickers for photo cakes, measuring -glass, cup, jug, spoon, cookie cutters, stencils, compressor , air gun, cup cake liners etc.

 Fondant-Satin ice fondant, Vizyon fondant paste, Gumpaste ,gumtex powder, Tylose powder,Lace icing, Sugar veil, Veg Gelatin, Liquid Glucose, vegetable shortening , plungers, rolling pin, crimper, tool set, embosser, ribbon cutter, impression mat, Alphabet cutters, Number cutter, Cookie cutters-(shapes - guitar, boy, rabbit,christmas tree,cross), gel colors, 3- D molds for fondant figures( boy, girl, man, woman), Fondant silicon molds, Isomalt Mold, fondant toys

 Photo cakes- photo cake printer, sugar sheets for photo cakes, chocolate sheets, Choco sheets of kopy cake, edible ink for photo cakes. we also print personalised photos

 Miscellaneous-  hot air gun, digital weighing scale, compressor, air brush, cream whipper, air brush colors, lustre dust, disco dust

In soaps-

Melt n pour soap bases- transparent soap base, opaque soap base, aloevera soap base, papaya oap base, charcoal soap base & Goat Milk soap base 

Mica- golden & silver

Petals- Rose & Lavender flower Petals

Soap Molds

Soap Toys

Soap Packing Cellophane Covers